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Tips On How To Sell A Van

So you want advice on how to sell a van but you're not really sure about the best way to do it, keep reading. Asking questions is a good place to start, which is what this article will aim to answer. Hopefully by the end you should feel confident enough to take the next step and provide the van with a new owner.

What Are My Options?

You have three main choices. The first is to sell the van privately. This means you place an ad in the local newspaper and online. There are several sites where you can post the ad for free and expect a quick response. This is a lucrative option, because you stand to make more on the deal without a middleman. But you'll also have to do the work and negotiating.

The second option is to go straight to a dealer and make the sale. Thanks to the convenience and the speed with which the deal can be made it's obvious why many people choose it. However, you probably won't make as much as with a private deal.

The third option is to trade it in with a dealership. In this case you won't be getting money. Instead, you'll drive off with a new van or car while the old van is used as a deposit.

How Should I Prepare?

The best way to prepare is to look at the condition of the van, take note of the year and model, then look through magazines and papers for an average price. This way you'll have a good estimation of where to start on the initial price. If you don't get any calls you can always lower the price.

Secondly, you want all your paperwork in check. Nothing is more frustrating than sealing a deal only to discover the documents are missing. For the most part buyers want to be sure the van is not stolen.

Focus On The Features

When you place the ad you should focus on the features of the van. Does it have low mileage? Does it come with any extras? Make the deal as attractive as possible, but don't overdo it. You don't want a prospective buyer to be disappointed when they see the van.

There you have the basics when it comes to selling a van. Get your price right, make sure the documents are readily available and choose the way you want to get it done.


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